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Applainces Electrical Services is staffed with expert appliance repair technicians who have not only undergone factory-training, but continue to update their education. Chief AES technicians specialized in engineering prior to joining the company and every AES Repair service representative is dedicated to keeping customer’s best interests in the forefront in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Our long list of satisfied customers will eagerly attest to    AES’ professionalism, attention to detail and European-style courtesy.  Appliances Electrical Services knows that your time and resources are valuable and that you always have a choice in selecting an appliance technician which is why strive to provide optimal service every time, earning your repeat business and a stream of referrals.


Installation | Have you recently purchased a new appliance and want to ensure that it is installed and working properly? Go no further. Our expert technicians using best-in-class tools and equipment will quickly install and quality check your new appliance to ensure that it is in top working order on time, every time.


Service |  Appliances Electrical Services maintains a large in-house inventory of standard replacement parts from all major appliance manufacturers thereby reducing lag time between service call and completion of service.  AES Repair strives toward environmental sustainability which is why technicians are geographically dispatched and most vehicles are equipped with coolant recovery units to safeguard any venting of freon or other toxic chemicals. Appliances Electrical Services helps households reduce their carbon footprints by encouraging repair over replacement of functioning appliances.


Troubleshooting & Preventative Maintenance | In today’s challenging economy, we realize that most of our customers must lean toward capital conservation which means households are replacing appliances and other major consumer goods on a much less frequent basis.  As regular flossing is part of a good oral hygiene regimen, systemic check-ups and maintenance of your appliances will not only ensure that they are in optimal working order, but contribute to their longevity and energy efficiency.


Reputation |  When it comes to expert appliance repair,  Appliances Electrical Services is one of Southern California’s most respected appliance repair authorities in Los Angeles serving  residential, industrial and commercial customers.  With extensive training in all major appliance brands, AES technicians get the job done right the first time every time. From Amana to Whirpool and all brands in between, AES knows that appliance repair is complex, requiring a high degree of on-the-spot diagnostic capacity and the ability to quickly repair damage.  Equally important is the ability of Appliances Electrical Services  technicians to troubleshoot and implement preventative maintenance on your appliances before small troubles lead to even bigger repairs. Although most of customers call AES only when a major problem erupts – and our technicians are expert at appliance triage – Appliances Electrical Services can also assess minor problems well before they become major.


Appliance Repair vs. Replacement |  The key to proper appliance functioning and longevity is regular maintenance.  We realize that the idea of appliance repair can be daunting.  There is always the lurking fear that the cost to repair might exceed the cost to replace an appliance with no guarantee of extended use of the ailing appliance upon its repair.  At  Appliances Electrical Services transparency is the best policy.  Before any work is effected, our expert technician will thoroughly discuss the underlying appliance problem and then walk you through all possible solutions, addressing both short and long-term solutions.  Together, a course of action will be decided upon and sometimes, although not often the most appropriate course of action might be replacement of an appliance.  In such an instance, AES can guide you through selection of a new appliance to fit your budget, lifestyle and decor needs.


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