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Jenn-Air Appliance repair and maintenance services are available on a wide range of their dishwashers, refrigerators, cooking ranges, and microwave home appliance models. There are authorized service centers available for providing quick repair solutions for the Jenn-Air range of home appliances.

Customers who have the Jenn-Air range of home appliance models can actually try to identify the problem by themselves by getting to know the different symptoms associated with the problem. The following sections provide information on the common Jenn-Air home appliance problems and the remedy available for it. The remedy can either be a minor one and can be done by the owners or it might require the intervention of authorized Jenn-air service personnel.

Jenn-Air Dishwasher Repair

When it comes to Jenn-Air appliance repair related to Jenn-Air Dishwashers, some of the problems faced by the customers with the different dishwasher models and the solution available for that have been described here.

The Jenn-Air 24 Inch JDB AWS 1100 is one of the most popular dishwasher models. Some of the problems faced by the customers with this model include

1)      Jenn-Air dishwasher leaking water to the floor

2)      Jenn-Air dishwasher making some weird sound

3)      the door not closing properly

The problems related to the leaking dishwasher can be controlled by first identifying whether the water leak occurs through the door seal or not. This can be found out by running the wash cycle without putting in any load. If there is no leak through the door seal, then the leak obviously happens through the hose line.

The problem with the door not closing fully is another common problem faced by some customers using this dishwasher model. This problem is usually the result of a broken latch. The customer needs to replace the broken latch with a new one. This can be done using the DIY approach. If the customer doesn’t have the required time to unscrew the bolts attached to the latch, then they can get the help of an authorized service dealer by looking into Jenn-Air appliance repair services.

The Jenn-Air 24 Inches JDB 8910 built in dishwasher has problems related to draining not working correctly and the model not completing the wash cycle completely. Not completing the wash cycle is one problem that was faced by a number of customers when this model was introduced to the market six years back. This might be related to the board problem, and it is ideal to ask the service personnel to check the board and whether it is functioning as per the design specifications.

The problem of the draining not happening completely might be due to the solid waste obstructing the flow of water from the dishwasher to the drain outlet.

Jenn-Air Refrigerator Repair Service

Jenn-Air appliance repair service providers attend to a variety of problems related to different models of Jenn-Air refrigerators. The Jenn-Air CD2389G side by refrigerator is one of the commonly used side-by-side refrigerators. Some of the problems faced by the customers using this model include

  1. Water running down the back wall of freezer and dropping on to the floors
  2. Not getting the required cooling effect

When the water continues to run down the backside of the freezer, the appliance owner has to immediately check the freezer temperature. The freezer temperature should be in the range of zero degree to 10 degrees. If the temperature is outside this range or below this range, the problem of water flowing occurs and this has to be controlled immediately by resetting the temperature within the freezer.

Some customers also feel that the refrigerator system doesn’t produce the required cooling effect at times. This might be due to the buildup of ice around the freezer coils. The freezer panel has to be taken out and the ice that has accumulated around the freezer coil has to be defrost. This can be done by using a hair dryer by blowing hot air from top to bottom of the freezer coil. If the problem still persists, the owner can call the Jenn-Air appliance repair specialist to look in to the problem.

The Jenn-Air Bottom freezer French door Refrigerator, JFC-2089H, is another model for which the customer base has grown over the last few years. One of the main issues that were reported against this model was its inability to produce ice at certain times. One of the reasons for this problem could be the water hose leading in to the icemaker becoming frozen. This would restrict the flow of water and has to be unfrozen immediately. If the problem still persists, the owner can take it to the nearby Jenn-Air appliance repair service provider (800) 520-7044