Range Hood Repair Service in Los Angeles (800) 520-7044.

We know. No one really likes to clean their range hood or change filters caked with evaporated oil and cooking guck. Often, this leads to airing malfunctions that leave your home smelling like a greasy spoon joint. If this is the case, you know it is time to call AES Appliance Service.

AES factory-trained technicians with dozens of years residential and commercial experience know how to deal with this part of your range without impacting the rest of it. From Broan to Zephyr and all brands in between, AES knows range hoods better than most.

Because range hood repair is more of a mechanical function, we find that do-it-yourselfers often attempt repairs only to find multiple hood parts disassembled and gathering dust when our technicians arrive. It doesn’t have to be like this.

A simple call to AES will have a technician rehabbing your range hood to perfect functionality in record time which can easily be followed by regular service. Your first clue to call AES is smoke filtering into the living spaces outside of your kitchen, a few other indicators that your range hood is crying for attention include:

  • Fan is not working or making a lot of noise
  • You smell burning food
  • You notice that smells or vapor are not being sucked up
  • Fan does not changes speeds

Rand hood maintenance prolonges the life of the appliance and staves off the inconvenience of repair. As customary maintenance procedure, AES checks, replaces and recycles your filters; troubleshoots interior and exterior of your range hood, fan motor, vent and any other parts.