Refrigerator Service | AES is synonymous to state-of-the-art appliance and refrigerator service in the  greater Los Angeles area. Refrigerator repair can be highly complex mandating that technicians initially well-trained with continually updated education on new product lines and improved best practices.  At AES we go to great lengths to ensure this, notwithstanding your refrigerators make or model.

Like any machine, it is easy to ignore maintenance or general servicing until your refrigerator simply stops working.  You know it is time to call AES when these – or any other number of problems – crop up with your refrigerator.

–        Your refrigerator is puddling water

–        It is not staying cold enough

–        The freezer freezes over

–        Fresh food compartment doesn’t keep a constant temperature

–        Your refrigerator randomly freezes food

–        Your food has the “refrigerator smell”

–        Your milk is spoiling faster than usual

–        The unit cycles improperly

–        Your ice maker stops working

–        Shelves don’t fit properly after cleaning

–        As much as you clean it, it still smells

–        Interior light doesn’t stay lit

–        Your unit randomly defrosts itself

–        The refrigerator door doesn’t stay shut

–        Your unit gurgles and makes random noises in the middle of the night

–        The back of your refrigerator is palpably too hot

–        Your refrigerator “shocks” you

There is no need for despair should any – or many – of these symptoms present themselves.  All are repairable if you catch them with a bit of lead time.  Even if you let refrigerator quirks slide for a while, your factory-trained AES repair superhero will be fully versed in the proper course of action.  We know that the cost to replace your refrigerator can be costly, particularly for commercial units.

Whether your job is commercial, industrial or residential, your local AES technician will detail the problem in a written estimate that is guaranteed to be competitive with other Los Angeles area service providers then quickly restore your unit, saving you time, money and kilowatt hours.  We know that every hour spent without your trusted refrigerator equates to food spoilage, time loss and generally a great inconvenience to a household or business.  To mitigate any additional burden on your family or business, an AES refrigerator service technician can often be schedule on the same day of your inquiry and often have work started and completed in about the time it takes you to run out to the store and buy groceries.

As serious as an appliance problem may seem to a home  or business owner, often, there is a fast and easy fix that become immediately visible to our factory-trained technicians.  The longer you wait, the more complex and costly an appliance repair problem may become.   With every major repair, the AES refrigerator service technician will also check wires, thermostats, gaskets and general machinery of your refrigerator to preventatively maintain your appliance(s).  Protect your appliance investment with periodic refrigerator service, like you would your vehicle or any other utilitarian device.  Often, an early repair can save thousands of dollars in appliance replacements and wasted food.  At AES we know that in the current economic climate, most families will opt to repair appliances over replace them.  It is not only the more prudently fiscal alternative, but it is totally in keeping with environmental responsibility by reducing each household’s carbon footprint.