Electrical Services |  At the surface, many electrical repairs may seem easy enough to fix.  However, when installations or repairs become a little more technical in nature, it is best to leave anything wiring-related to the experts in that faulty wiring and electrical problems are the most prevelant cause of house sires.  Sure, if changing out a light switch is on your Honey-Do list, a patient home handyman with common sense, a bit of technical sense, proper tools and a diagram printed off of the internet can likely figure this out — until the dimmer doesn’t dim and it takes a few times of flicking a switch off and on to get it to stick — then a Los Angeles homeower may have saved a few pennies but cost the household budget blown wiring if the installation is faulty, or worse.

Face it, a licensed electrician has expertise way beyond a typical homeowner’s.  He is a master at determining the wiring needs of a particular home or business.  He makes sure all wiring and fixtures comply with applicable electrical codes.  His job, in short, is to provide your home with adequate power in the safest way possible. Then, there is also the challenge of complying with local laws regarding electrical repairs.  At AES, our licensed, bonded and insured electrical technicians are on top of the latest codes, procedures and protocol, ensuring the highest quality service to your home or business in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

You should know that there are also distinctions made within types of electrical work. Appliance installation, for example, is often not considered restricted electrical work if the original wiring and connection was made by a licensed electrician.

Local codes exist because of and are often based on local concerns. Densely populated areas, such as Los Angeles, tend to have electrical codes severely limiting homeowner electrical work because errors can endanger hundreds or thousands of people.  Rural codes are often less stringent, allowing more owner flexibility and involvement in the work. Local environmental conditions such as the possibility of earthquakes, tornados or hurricanes, the level of the water table, amount of rainfall and general humidity, soil conditions, and the types of building materials available also influence the local electrical code.

The most potentially devastating mistakes occur faulty electrical wiring. Countless house fires are caused by poor wiring techniques, substandard materials, faulty extension cords, or defective electrical appliances. The trouble and the trap lies in the apparent simplicity of electrical work. Small mistakes can cause quick and severe consequences. Poor wiring techniques can cause shock hazards that may not be evident until an accident happens.

Quality electrical work depends on consistency and uniformity.  That is why there is an electrical code, so everyone is clear on the correct and incorrect way to perform an electrical repair or installation.  At AES we never cut corners.  Each and every installation or electrical repair is allocated the time needed and our expert electricans are always up-to-date on the latest rules, codes, practices and procedures, ensuring that each AES electrical installation or repair is done only once, and that perfectly.  Although AES specializes in appliance repair, many of our technicians are also electricians that allows them to readily service home electrical needs with efficiency and excellence.  That is why many Los Angeles residents trust Appliances Electrical Services not only with their appliances, but with  the electrical  safety of their homes and families. AES routinely provides the following residential and commercial electrical services:


–        Panel change outs

–        Energy Savings measure implementation

–        Generator Installation

–        Ceiling and exhaust fan installations

–        Carbon monoxide detector/smoke detector installation

–        Custom recessed and landscape lighting

Appliances Electrical Services is a family-owned business that understands that safety comes first. As with our appliance services, AES has the training, accreditation, tools and experience to effect the highest quality, fast, safe general electrical installation and repair.