AES expands KitchenAid-specialized oven, stove & cooktop repair staff


AES is expert in repair of KitchenAid oven, stove and cooktop repair.  As a premiere Whirlpool brand, KitchenAid recommends that consumers only hire factory-trained appliance technicians when repairing KitchenAid ovens, stoves, cooktops and other KitchenAid appliances.  Factory training ensures that appliance technicians are thoroughly versed in troubleshooting, installation and repair of all Kitchen Aid appliances.  A word of advice: If you smell gas, first shut it off at its source then call your local gas company.  Then, call us.  It is always better to be prudent than to risk loss of life or property.  Rest assured that in most instances, an AES technician could be at your door on the same day of your service request.


As well constructed as KitchenAid ovens, stoves and cooktops are, at times normal wear and tear or an unexpected physical or electrical jolt to an appliance may cause it to malfunction. Sometimes, even the best brands may suffer a manufacturing error.  Should your KitchenAid cooking device need repair, AES is the only number to call.  With 24/7 operators and technicians available in most Southland communities, AES is your first line of defense in repair of your KitchenAid appliance.


AES stays on top of factory recalls on a daily basis, so, if your oven, stove or cooktop is suspect, we’ll know.  We will also know whether the manufacturer requires recall of your appliance or if a manufacturer-approved fix is in order.  Either way, AES is just one phone call away from immediate servicing of your KitchenAid oven, stove or cooktop.


Have you noticed any of these symptoms: Irregular heating, heating unit does not shut off, electrical system malfunctions, stove makes noises when not in use, elements do not ignite, a unit takes too long to light or overall burner temperature is uneven?  Basically, a factory-trained appliance service technician should examine anything that is suspect.  A troubleshooting visit can save you hundreds of dollars in repair, the inconvenience of extensive downtime of your appliance or the danger of operating a faulty oven, stove or cooktop in your home.


Protect your Thermador range with regular maintenance.  An early repair can save hundreds of dollars in repair costs and thousands of dollars in replacement of your Thermador appliance.  At AES we know that you want to extend the life of your Thermador appliances as long as possible, not only because the high cost to replace your Thermador appliance, but because it is more environmentally sound to hang on to all appliances as long as possible.


Due to demand for expert KitchenAid appliance repair technicians, AES has recruited expert factory-trained staff to focus on this specialty product line.  AES is expert in the popular KitchenAid line of appliances. After factory training, AES appliance repair technicians then undergo an extensive company internship before they are assigned a service territory.   They stock manufacturer approved KitchenAid parts and stay on top of the latest industry news, recalls and service trends and training. Our technicians can take apart and reassemble any KitchenAid appliance – a task that is sometimes needed in diagnosing an oven, stove or cooktop repair.


AES services the following KitchenAid appliances:




























AES KitchenAid factory-trained technicians also install and troubleshoot washers, dryers and other large appliances.  They are expert in connection of water and gas lines and take great care to ensure that no leaks are present after installation.  AES appliance repair always instruct customers on optimal operation of their appliances.  They are insured, licensed and bonded and have undergone a complete background check.


AES expert appliance technicians provide fast, effective and long-lasting service and can accommodate full service usually on the same day as the initial service call for most residential and commercial customers.  To cut lag time, all AES appliance repair technicians carry KitchenAid manufacturer approved replacement parts in the back of their trucks, usually sufficient to complete any residential or commercial job.  All parts and labor are warrantied.  Most repairs are made on-site and on the same day of your service call, unless, of course, a major part must be ordered from the manufacturer in which case the repairs are usually effected on the next business day, allowing for shipment of any non-stocked part.


AES  also services all major brands of stoves, ovens, ranges, cook-tops, vents, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, ice machines, wine cooling & storage units, microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, washers, dryers , air conditioning/heating and connective systems.  Each AES appliance technician has undergone factory training for the brands he or she services as well as an in-house apprenticeship.  AES appliance repair technicians are rewarded with salary increases and other incentives to expand their brand awareness and factory training.  Senior technicians have received certification from either the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians or the Certified Appliance Professional.


To make a service call please click here or dial (800) 520-7044  to schedule an appointment now.