Stove Repair Service by Appliances Electrical Services.

What first comes to mind when you think of home sweet home. Your mother’s kitchen, of course, and something delicious cooking on the stove. Most families take this particular appliance most for granted. It also happens to be the one that gets the most use — and abuse — and the one that is most vital to our daily lives. When your stove shorts out (if it is electrical) or gas supply to the burners is erratic, or any of the hundreds of malfunctions that can occur happen, AES stove repair technician is your first line of cuillinary defense.

A quick reminder: If you smell gas, first call the gas company and shut it off. Your safety is No. 1. Air out your home or apartment, then call AES to schedule a same-day appointment for your stove repair.

AES technicians are factory-trained with several years experience whose training is continually updated. Our in-house technicians are perfectly adept at quality repair of high to low end stoves with expertise with Viking, GE, Whirpool, Kenmore to old-school collectible stoves, smooth-tops to modern Euro-style burners and other types and brands. Clearly, fixing a stove is playing with fire, a job best left to experts not weekend repair warriors.

Keep an eye out for any of these symptoms and give AES a call at the first sign of malfuction in order to extend the life of your stove.

  • Heating element is not working
  • Electrical system is malfunctioning
  • Your stove clicks or makes other noises when not in use
  • It doesn’t heat properly
  • Your gas does not self-ignite
  • Heating is not consistent
  • A heating unit doesn’t shut off

As in health, prevention is the best medicine. A quick call to AES will ensure that your stove is in perfect working order until you are ready for an update, in which case we stand ready to remove your old kitchen hardware and replace it with the dream appliances of your choice.