Thermador Appliance Repair|
Thermador has produced innovative home appliances for over 75 years, earning the brand high name value recognition in the appliance industry, first with its cooking appliances, next with its line of refrigeration and dishwasher units. AES well-trained Thermador appliance repair technicians are thoroughly knowledgeable and able to repair the brand’s ranges, range tops, ovens, cooktops and cooking ventilation systems.

As most of the cooking appliances are technology-based features to make cooking efficient and precise, local AES technicians have had to undergo special training in new features such as the Thermador Star® Burner that provides more even heat to ensure faster boiling and more even cooking and other such Thermador innovations as well as its built-in convection ovens, steam and convection combination ovens with extra burners, and three types of cooktops for electric, gas and induction. With all of Thermador’s complexities, AES is among a handful of expert appliance technicians adept at repair of this brand.

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