Water Heater Repair & Installation| AES offers same day water heater repair and installation for the greater Southern California basin and does not charge a premium for evening or weekend appointments. Our water heater technicians are trained in most major water heater brands ranging from American Standards, Rheem, GE and others. AES knows that power sources vary by geography with the vast majority of water heaters in Southern California powered by natural gas. This fact notwithstanding, our technicians are prepared to service an electric powered water heater just as readily.
From 40 to 120 gallon water heaters (although 50 gallon tanks seem to be the regional average and 66 to 80 gallon tanks for larger homes or those with soak tubs or jacuzzis), AES has installed every imaginable kind of water heater. With growing environmental consciousness, we know that many families wish to downsize their water heaters. Certainly, we can advise customers on such a move, often without compromising the perceived output of hot water or lag time between hot water consumption and availability of new hot water. Then, if you are a growing family with a 40 gallon water heater, you might want to consider up-sizing.
It is easier to downsize than upside in that up-sizing requires increasing the size of the vent on gas water heaters. As a result, larger tanks emit more carbon monoxide and require a larger vent in order to be safely installed. Also, there are moves that might look good at the surface but do not achieve a discernible energy or cost savings, such as downsizing from a 50 to a 40 gallon tank, which are comparably priced.
Tankless Water Heaters | Europe and Japan have been using them for years and nothing is more pleasant than knowing that your hot water supply is endless. Tankless systems only heat water and disburse it when it is needed. Typically, there are two kinds of tankless water heaters: point-of-use (like your sink or shower) and whole house.
AES water heater technicians are thoroughly familiar with Takagi tankless water heaters that often replace traditional water heaters. Area needed to install this alternative water heater is significantly smaller and Takagi heaters are 35 to 50% more energy efficient than traditional water heating systems. They are also approved by air quality management systems for their lower emissions.
When evaluating your water heater needs you will need to consider efficiency rating, recovery rate, first hour recovery rate, estimated operating cost and efficiency rating. An efficiency rating is a measure of the percentage of heat transfer from the energy source to your water. Standard gas tanks range from 55% to 65%, standard electric tanks range between 88-95%, but are more expensive to operate.
As serious as an appliance problem may seem to a home or businessowner, often, there is a fast and easy fix that become immediately visible to our factory-trained technicians. The longer you wait, the more complex and costly an appliance repair problem may become. With every major repair, such as that of a water heater, the AES technician will also check wires, thermostats, gaskets and general machinery of your water heater to preventatively maintain your water heater. You can extend the length of your water heater with periodic check-ups, like you would your vehicle or any other utilitarian device. Often, an early repair can save hundreds of dollars in wasted energy costs. At AES we know that in the current economic climate, most families will opt to repair appliances over replace them. It is not only the more prudently fiscal alternative, but it is totally in keeping with environmental responsibility by reducing each household’s carbon footprint. With the proper care, a water heater can last well past its warranty.

This section is not intended to provide an instructional article on traditional vs. tankless water heating systems, you can read more about that in our blog, however, whether repairing your old water heater, up or downsizing your existing traditional water heater or thinking about gong tankless, AES is your go-to company for information and getting the work done.